Avoiding Jealousy

October 28th, 2013

Items Needed: two types of food (two vegetables, two fruits, two cookies, or whatever you like)

Ask your kids to compare the items. (What do you like about each one? What don’t you like? Why? Do you like one better than the other? What makes you like one more?)

Comparing one vegetable to another is not bad, but when we compare ourselves to others, it’s not good. (2 Corinthians 10:12)

What can happen when we compare ourselves to others? (We can feel bad when we think we can’t do something as well as they can; we can feel proud when we can do something better than them, etc.)

 We usually feel jealous when we compare ourselves to others.

To create feelings of jealousy, give a small gift (or even a privilege) to one child and you will have plenty of opportunity to talk about the topic.

Why did you feel bad or sad when your sibling received something? There is a name for that feeling and it is called jealousy.

What is jealousy? (Bad feelings–anger, bitterness, or even hatred toward someone for having something that we want.)

Life is not always fair and sometimes others receive something that we don’t. King David was angry and eventually tried to kill David because he was jealous of him. Some statements that a jealous person might say are: 

  • Others should be praising me.
  • He/she has it better than I.
  • They like him/her more than me.
  • I want bad things to happen to that person.

Instead of feeling sad or mad, what can we think or say? (I’m glad they were able to get that; I have lots of toys already, I am happy with what I have; etc.)


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