God’s Gift

April 15th, 2014

Items Needed: A small gift for each child (favorite candy; small toy; gift card for fast food or ice cream; favorite treat; etc.); Gift box or bag

Wrap and give each child a small gift. Talk about this week’s theme of grace.

Read Ephesians 2:8-9 and Romans 6:23.

What is the payment for our sin? (Death; separation from God)

Can we do enough good works to get to heaven? (No)

What is God’s gift? (Eternal life; salvation; forgiveness; etc.)

God is generous and has made a way for each of us to go to Heaven. We can’t pay enough money to buy our entrance into Heaven. We can’t do enough good works to get into Heaven. The only way we can go to Heaven is by believing in what Jesus has already done—He died on the cross and came alive again.

What did you have to do to get the gift I gave you? (Receive it) 

What do you have to do to get God’s gift? (Receive it)

***If you think your child understands about salvation, you may want to lead him or her to receive this wonderful gift.


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